Webdesign Services

Computer Call Australia provides an affordable website design service aimed at helping your site stand out from the crowd. Our team is dedicated to ensure your web site is one that projects the image you want your business to be recognized for. Our graphic Design Team will work with you to either utilize your existing corporate images, logos and colours or create a brand new image so that the web page fits your vision.

Our team will also help you achieve hits on your site through SEO management and design to improve your cut through. We understand that each company has their own unique requirements; our primary focus is customisation at an affordable level.

A Web Site Design will have a significant impact on a visitor’s image of your company or business. This is why it is important to have the right Website design that will show the image you wish to present. With our experience and knowledge we can guide you through designing the website that will work for you.

Computer Call has a very straight forward design process.

  • Discovery : Understanding your website goals and the audience your are targeting.
  • Planning : Establishing timelines, budgets and the project scope.
  • Content Architecture : Planning your website content and structure.
  • Design : Creating and refining an interface and establishing the required graphic design elements.
  • XHTML Conversion : After the design approval from the client coding process starts
  • Development : Bringing it all together.
  • Testing : Testing your web site in multiple browser environments.
  • Launch : Your web site.

Computer Call Australia also provides hosting services that allow for the administration, management and updating of your site.

Our Recent Works

Tech: WordPress/PHP
  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Royal Slider
  • Custom Page Template
  • Custom Contact Form
  • Email Signup

Tech: WordPress/PHP
  • Design template integration (PSD to HTML/CSS)
  • Custom Menu/Navigation with effect
  • Online Bookings system
  • Powerful contact form
  • Custom widget development
  • custom media gallery integration

Tech: WordPress/PHP
  • Custom Ad banner
  • Custom Navigation
  • Header/Footer
  • PHP custom Code
  • Plugin Enhancements

Tech: Zoomla/PHP
  • PSD to HTML
  • Custom image slider
  • Custom widget development
  • Gallery integration
  • Contact form