Back Up and Data Storage


Your data is the most important part of your IT system. Without your data your business could grind to a halt the cost of which is high. To ensure your data is protected a solid monitored back up solution is essential.

Computer Call offers one of the most comprehensive data protection platforms available. Using Symantec System Recovery, we offer a full image back up of all your servers and important data, reducing the downtime of any server to a matter of hours. This will have you up and running in little or no time and if required, to dissimilar hardware.

Computer Calls backup and storage solution will allow you to take a copy of your servers offsite each night. If the worst occurs, Computer Call can roll in new hardware and have you back up and running in a matter of hours not days.

For offsite back up Computer Call also provides an offsite solution for data in the Computer Call Cloud.

Our solution also includes the storage of archived data through a raided solution that helps to protect data from hard drive failure. Our Preventative Maintenance program also ensures your data is being backed up and can be restored. Giving you piece of mind.

If your data is important to you, speak to Computer Call about our backup solutions and disaster recovery plans.

Disaster Recovery

How would your business be affected if you lost your data?

Most businesses do not have a disaster recovery plan so when a disaster occurs they hit the panic button and hope the pain ends quickly.

A disaster recovery plan that is built around the requirements of your business is critical. Without a plan that is actually put in place, you could find at best your system is down for days or at worst that you company data no longer exists.

Computer Call therefore recommends that your Disaster Recovery Plan is one of the most important tools in your business to keep it operating.

 We will formulate a disaster recovery plan that is built on your requirements. We will help you decide on the level of backup required, availability of backed up data, the location of the data, the response to a disaster required from your IT support, the warranties required on hardware, the power support for your equipment and an action plan if and when the disaster hits.

If you don’t have a disaster recovery plan that suits your business let Computer Call know.