Email Solution

Email is such an important tool for business to communicate in today’s business environment. Our experienced consultants can design the best email solution for your business, using Microsoft Exchange or alternate email platforms via the Computer Call Cloud.

Your email should be available to your team anytime and anywhere in the world across a wide range of devices. From your current desktop PC to the latest smart phone and tablet, email should be available, current and sync’d
Computer Call will help you manage your email server or hosting platform starting with a single domain, to multiple domains, including SSL Certificate Management.

Your email system and email data must also be stored and housed in an environment that suits the needs of your business. Computer Call can work with you to design this platform, implement it and help manage it ongoing.

Your email data is also important, often deleted emails need to be restored. Computer Call will ensure that your email data is safe, backed up and can be restored if required.



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