Cloud Services


Can your business benefit from a Cloud solution?

Whether it is through Computer Call’s Cloud or your own private Cloud, a solution that allows access to your systems from anywhere at any time is readily available to all businesses.

If you want a more mobile workforce with greater flexibility the cloud may be your solution.

If you want to reduce your upfront capital expenditure the cloud may be for you.

Computer Call can provide you with a range of Cloud based solutions that will provide you with greater flexibility and a different costing model to your current platform.

From Web Hosting, Email and a hosted PABX to full server functionality in the Cloud, Computer Call can formulate a resource package to suit.

The office of today will not be the office of tomorrow. Your team’s interaction with each other and with customers has changed and will continue to do so. To help your business move with the changes and even lead the way a Cloud element to your business will be essential.