Hardware Solution & Software Solutions

Computer Call Australia provides access to a wide range of Hardware and Software solutions, from a USB hard drive, workstation and laptop to NAS devices and servers. Our procurement team will help you put together the hardware that suits your needs and the software that delivers the functionality you require.

Speak to our team about your requirements and we will scope out your needs and build the solution from our large array of vendor products. Whether it is a server solution you require, a workstation, notebook or dumb terminal solution, Computer Call will work with you to achieve the outcome that you require at competitive pricing.

Computer Call also specialises in the procurement, installation and support of point of sale equipment

We will also provide comprehensive warranties to support our hardware solutions and will lead you through the many and varied vendor warranties to suit your purchasing and replacement time frames

Our IT consultants are on hand to help you install and integrate your new hardware and software platforms and provide training if required to achieve the most out of your new investment.

If financing is required Computer Call can facilitate a finance package to help you achieve your hardware implementation.

Our role is to bring together your business with the right IT hardware and Software solutions